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Short description of Mixed Blessing

Composed by: Habibi Daeng

In this novel the author weaves a powerful tale of there couples who faced decisions about having children that will test, in unexpended ways, the ties that blind them as lovers, partners, and friends. Their lives, their goals, their feelings about families are on the line, as the word “infertility” begins to unravel their dreams.
Diana Goode and Andy Douglas a California couple who seem have it all: glamorous careers, good looks, good time and they will of friend and family. After their wedding, Diana teases that they will make a baby on their honey-moon. They did the effort to made Diana’s dreams to have a baby. But, exactly, Andy doesn’t have any willingness to get a baby. He thought that has a baby just make trouble and decorated awful situation on their home.
But, Diana is do to get a baby, she ask advices to a Doctor and he said that they have to get a vacation. They do what the doctor said. They make a trip to Europe. It was an intriguing trip. They visited Paris, South of France. They meet Andy’s brother in London. They enjoyed their vocation. They made a nice big effort, and of course they enjoy it, in Monte Carlo, at the hotel de Paris.1 In fact, she didn’t get pregnant on this. How disappointed vocation it was.
Eloise, Diana’s friend, advised to Diana hold such as a test. He said it might be best way to know why she doesn’t get pregnant. He said that her father was an appropriate person and Diana could share her problem to him. Her father recommended Dr. Alex Johnston for her problem. Diana did their advices and followed some fest. Alex was often asked to him for some related questions, to know a few things.2 As the result of the entire test which has been did by Diana was bad information. Both her ovaries is badly damaged. There are severe adhesions on both ovaries. This condition could make big problem for her. The egg would never make it thought the tubes.3
It makes her really afraid. She would not have any opportunity to get a baby. Diana enviously watches her sisters effortlessly conceive as she shuttles between doctor’s of fives and Andy struggles to find a solutions to their problem in order to hold on to his wife. As they wait out each month with great anticipation only to be bitterly disappointed, they always forced to question just how much they are willing to go through to have a baby and what cost to their marriage.
As Diana knew what caused she didn’t get pregnant, she begun to give up and felt unusual wife, could not give a baby for their family. Andy understood Diana’s feeling and thought. He want adopt a child of an actress of sort. But Diana seemed disagree with Andy’s thought.4
And because of it, Diana was gone. She had left him a letter on the kitchen table. She said that these were all so stupid. He didn’t need a surrogate. He should look for a wife who could give him a baby. Diana really feels disappointed and made this decision for good Andy. By Diana’s leaving, he becomes so sad. Andy to be guilty. He called to her mother’s home. He just wants to know weather Diana is there. He also called every day at work and Diana wouldn’t take his call. Andy struggles for meet Diana when he showed up at work; Diana always refused to see him.5
Andy didn’t be give up. He made big effort to found out where she lived, it took almost a month. Andy finally found it out. Andy got Diana’s address from them by telling them he needed to drop of some of things. It was one of the first places they looked before they married, in Malibu. She rented an old cottage there. When Diana meets him, she directly said that Andy shouldn’t have come there. They had been talking for an hour and they were standing next to her car in the drive way. After ward she invited him in, and he looked surprised. Diana thanked him for his kindness.6
Andy came from work every day, and he always brings her little gifts and flowers. Sometimes Diana cooked dinner for him and more often than not they went out to their favorite place. It was an important time of recovery of them, and enlightens them of who they were and how much they understand to each other. It was early April. They seemed in good condition. They reconciled for their better.7
After separated for almost three months and then gather again, Andy didn’t want to discuss about having baby again. In other hand, Diana seemed have made her mind. She begun thought that a baby would be a wonderful addition to their marriage. She wanted that baby. How glad Andy when he heard what Diana said. He called Dr. Eric and told him that they wanted to adopt Jane’s baby, Edward’s baby. 8
Diana ask Jane to ensure her if he sure he didn’t want to keep her baby and Jane said that she can’t keep this child and they’ll have plenty of other children late. After chat-chat with Diana, for a few minute later, Jane gives birth to her baby. She was pretty little bay. After almost two years, finally, she had her baby. It was unspeakably grateful to Jane and Edward. 9 Diana looked anxious as they rode up in the elevator, crying a wicker basket covered in white eyelet lace an they had brought a car seat to put in the limousine they hired to take them to the airport. This was a big event for them. They had decided that morning on Hilary Diana Douglas
The beaming groom at the Mason-Win wood wedding is Charlie win wood. He grew up as an orphan. He dreams of a house filled with children and happy family. His bride was fun seeking actress, Barbie Mason. She has another idea. She thrives on excitement and dreams not of the Joy of mother hood, but seeing her name up in light. Charlie does love Barbie. He was very kinds to her, he knew that he was sterile; it is mean that Barbie would not be pregnant by Charlie. Conversely, Barbie said that she was pregnant. Charlie thought, had she been playing around?
Dr. Patten gill said that it was impossible for Charlie to make Barbie pregnant. Charlie begun knew that there was something wrong.10
Charlie did not believe anymore to her. He knew Barbie lied to him so he made an effort to made Barbie came out with it, and just believe that Barbie had been playing around till she got pregnant. She does that with a guy who she met in Vegas. They were dispute. Having hearted what Barbie said, he felt as thought his whole life had been turned inside out and it had. He could barely think, let alone make important decisions. He was crying then and felt incredibly stupid and then Barbie went into their bedroom and packed up a few things. And a little while later she called a care and went to Jed’s.11 It was more condition he have been get. He had never felt worse in his life before. His beloved wife left him. He just was crying all day.
Pillar Graham, a prominent Santa Barbara attorney astonishes her friends by marrying Judge Bradford Coleman. Pillar was 42 and Brad was 62 years old. They thought they didn’t need a baby any more, it’s enough for them that Nancy and told, Brand’s daughter and son from his first marriage, in their. But, when Nancy got pregnant, pillar begun doubt it they really don’t need a baby. What can be happened if Brad go away she discuss it with her husband and he said they would be tray.
They discuss it with Dr. Ward and he said that artificial insemination might be better way. So they did what Dr. Ward said. They watched on a dirty film to have the desired and them successes.12 At any rate, pillar got pregnant even she was having twins. They knew it because pillar had a sonogram. How wonderful, how beautiful this life, they very glad to knew that.13
Pillar knew her babies will be a boy and other is girl. She told her mother about it. But her mother said that how fool is. They both was too old to even think about having children.
Jack and Louis find some symptoms that Diana roughly three months pregnant. Having know that she was being pregnant, Diana drove straight to network then to see her husband that she was.14
On Valentine’s day Charlie meet Beth and her daughter, a little girl with long blond braids, big blue eyes with a cute smile, Annie.15 They often met and felt love each other. Charlie does love Beth so do her. So Beth proposing him and said that it didn’t matter if Charlie was sterile. She loves him she got Annie and it was enough.16
Pillar gives birth to her first baby, a boy.17 Unfortunately, her second baby was died. There was unmistakably something wrong with baby’s longs, which no one had known. Her heart beat had been steady during the delivery, but having lost blood to her twins. For Brad, it was still impossible to understand why it had happened.18 It was sadly and happy.
Diana gives birth to her baby, a beautiful baby.19 She looks like her mother, her husband said. His wife had tears in her eyes knowing how had it had been for them. But now they had two beautiful children. They named their baby William
On Christmas day Charlie and Beth were married at united Methodist church in west wood. They looked so happy, so do Andy and Diana. Surprisingly, pillar got pregnant again. And all of these was mixed blessing.


Danielle Fernandez Schuelein Steel born on August 14 1947 in New York City. She is the only child of John Schulein Steel, a member of Munich’s Lowenbrau beer family, and Norma Schulein Steel, an international beauty from Portugal. Steel’s parent divorced when she was seven or eight years old. After words, she was raised by relatives and servants in Paris and New York. She graduated from the Now York’s person’s school of design. However, she soon abandoned her dream of becoming “the new channel” when the pressure to succeed caused her to develop a stomach ulcer. She then enrolled at New York University, where her first has band. She has been married five times and is currently single. Her has band to date , Claude-Eric Lazard (a French banker), Danny Zugelder, William Toth, John Traina (a Shipping Executive) and Thomas J. Perkins (a venture capitalist).
She is one of the best-selling anthers in the history of United States. Best known for her romance novels, as of 2005, Steel has sold more than 530 million copies of her books. One or more of her novels have been on the New York Time bestseller list for over 390 consecutive week and twenty one of them have adapted for television.
She started writing stories as a child, and by her late teens had begun writing poetry. At age nineteen she completed her first novel and was first published. She has published a book of poetry and also has written two non-fiction books, Having a Baby, and His Bright Life, the later about the life and death of her son Nicholas Traina.
For her life time contribution to world culture, in 2002 the French government decorated Danielle Steel as a “chevalier” of distinguished order of arts and letters. Steel has a home in pacific heights, San Francisco, California and in 2003 opened an art gallery in the city to exhibit the paintings and sculptures of emerging artist. She also maintains a residence in France where she spends several months of each year. She is of German Jewish and Portuguese heritage.

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